1Transport more weight more steadily than ever before with a towable strength hardwearing base.
This sled can withstand snow and sleet, rain or heat while bearing even the heaviest hunt.

2Striking toughness and easy handling make this the preferred game sled for the all-terrain hunter. No condition is too rugged to bring your game home, no matter where your hunt leads you.

3Focus on hunting

4Trace products are for multifunctional usage.

5Built by experts. Trusted by experts. Dedicated to Limitless Adventure. Dedicated to the Outdoors.

6Durable clips constructed with extra strength polymer keep game strapped in securely.

7Easily tow your trophy through any condition with an ATV or snowmobile with the built-in Trace hitch, designed to pull the heaviest of game.

8Global leader in hunting gear. We make quality brands with care, expertise and knowledge.

9A nylon, water-resistant design shields and protects game in all weather conditions.

10No terrain is too tough to tow game securely and steadily with durable, easy-to-attach strips for enhanced traction.